I am a tech geek with focus on product development

Hey, so glad you're here! Nice to meet you. I'm Hugo Maia, and I'm from Porto, Portugal. I've been developing my skills for over 17 years in various areas of design and programming. Recently, my curiosity about UX/UI design has led me on a 5-year adventure in the field, where I've been excelling in the development of various products.

The UX/UI design area turned into a passion for me, where I've been exploring and implementing products focused on user needs and providing a better user experience.

In these five years of dedication to UX/UI Design, I have worked for two multinational companies and for other independent projects that required my expertise. Right now I am looking for new oportunities to work on new projects (remote or on-site). I have one accredited certification in UI/UX Design by FLAG ACADEMY and other in UX Design by ACCENTURE.

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Its all about them

User-centric design is crucial in my process because it means putting the people who will use the product first.

By focusing on what users need and like, I ensure that the final product is user-friendly and meets their expectations.

I pay attention to the user's journey, do thorough research, and listen to feedback at every step. This helps create a product that is easy to use and enjoyable.

The user-centric approach also allows for continuous improvement, making sure the product stays relevant and keeps users happy.

My Process based on Design Thinking

  • 1. Empathize

    Understand the needs, thoughts, and feelings of the users. This involves conducting interviews, observations, and immersing yourself in the users' experiences to gain empathy.

  • 2. Define

    Define the users' needs, their challenges, and establish a problem statement that guides the rest of the process.

  • 3. Ideation

    Generate a wide range of creative ideas to address the defined problem. Encourage a free-flowing exchange of ideas through brainstorming sessions, mind maps, or other ideation techniques.

  • 4. Prototype

    Develop tangible representations of ideas to quickly and cheaply test and gather feedback.

  • 5. Testing

    Understand how well the proposed solutions meet user needs and expectations. This stage often involves refining and iterating on the designs based on user input.


My Capabilities and Skills

UX & UI Design

I have + 5 years of dedication creating digital experiences for digital products as mobile apps, websites and web apps. My favourite software to help my with tasks are: Figma, Adobe XD, Balsamiq, Photoshop, AI, Hotjar, Google Analytics.

HTML, CSS & Javascript

I program interfaces with HTML5, CSS3 and JS (Vanilla and JQuery). I love to put at test the interfaces that I design and also be creative with code. My favourite frameworks are Bootstrap 4/5 and Jquery.

Wordpress Development

I have + 6 years of experience working with wordpress. My habilities with wordpress includes design and implement custom interfaces with design builders or with custom code, theme development, integration with custom API's, SEO and performance monitoring.

Graphic Design

I have 17 years experience in Graphic Design field with expertise in print and digital assets. My favourite software to complete creative tasks are: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.


My Work Experience

Working and Learning

Freelance Graphic Design and Web Development


I've worked as a freelancer for companies on Portugal, UK, USA and Brazil. During this time I've participated on projects of web design, web app design, graphic design and wordpress development. Some of my past clients: Swood, Veridian, Packbuddies, DogStroll.

Think Tank - Marketing e ComunicaĂ§Ă£o

2018-2020 / Employer

My primary responsibility involved designing websites, landing pages and mobile apps as a member of a multidisciplinary marketing team. In this role, I designed user experiences to complement diverse creative marketing campaigns for clients.

Grupo Ideias DinĂ¢micas

2020-2023 / Employer

As a UX/UI Designer, I was responsible for developing and maintaining various technological projects used in a variety of industries, such as water management, art gallery management, and e-commerce platforms.

Abstrat Studio - Design and Development

2023-Current / Employer

In my previous position, I was responsible for creating designs and experiences for both web and mobile platforms. Additionally, I have experience in programming Wordpress websites from conception to implementation. My marketing skills extend to social media, advertising, and print materials.

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